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Tadting EscapesBy mixing entertainment with education, Tasting Escapes ensures memorable experiences!



Comarca_aventura_logoWith the spirit of enjoying our beautiful environment, it arises Comarca Aventura, a company dedicated to leisure activities, designed to enjoy nature with family and friends in a very different way. Comarca Aventura best tour is the segway tours!


Colla_basilisc25 young Catalan men and women dress as devils dance to the drums of a traditional music every time a popular festival is on in Catalunya. Colla Basilisc set off their fireworks among crowds of spectators to represent the fight of good against evil. They are one of the best known tropes in Catalunya. Join LIVINGIT in one of our CORREFOCS tours to see them in action.


Hipica_logoIt was founded in 1988 with the idea of encouraging riding among children from 3 years (the first Pony Club of Catalonia). Join LIVINGIT in one of our HORSE RIDING tours.



Capgrossos_logoOne of the best Colla Castellera (human tower troupe) in Catalunya is Capgrossos de Mataró. They can be differentiated from one other Colla by their clothes; they wear white trousers, red scarf, black sash and blue shirt. Join LIVINGIT in one of our CASTELLERS tours to see them in action.



ccc_logoCoordinadora de Colles Castelleres de Catalunya” is the Human Towers’ coordinating body and promoting this centenary tradition. It was born in 1989 with the following goals: look after the teams’ shared interests; promote human towers and guarantee that the activity’s risks are properly covered by the adequate insurances.

ALTA_ALELLA_LOGOAlta Alella is the culmination of a family project. In this modern cellar, the organic agriculture and the respect for the environment and nature have been the basis for making wines and cavas. Join LIVINGIT in one of our WINE & HUMAN TOWER tour to visit them.


logo ticket bureauTicket Bureau offers the best selection of tickets for National and International events; sports, concerts, shows etc.



XurreriaRosita_logoWe collaborate with Churrerría Rosita (Mataró).





logo_casa_grauperaCasa Graupera trends to the world of “neula”. They has more than 50 varieties with amazing flavors and shapes. They enjoy creating illusions and real gastronomic experiences. Join LIVINGIT in one of our GASTRONOMIC tours to visit them.



logo_racó_jabugo2El Racó de Jabugo (Mataró). The best place to taste cured ham. Join LIVINGIT in one of our GASTRONOMIC tour to visit them.





We are a member of Club del Turisme.






We collaborate with Barcelona Turisme.




We collaborate with Turisme de Sitges.




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