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Spain, and specially Catalunya, is the land of traditions. In every single city, town and village there is a festival of some kind which gets all the townsfolk out in the street to celebrate.

Our Team‘s mission is to show and share the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Catalunya, as a valuable collection of unique traditions and customs.

LIVING IT means experiencing what Catalans do and enjoy. Going to local events, festivals and other important festivities of our calendar. Living experiences wherever in Catalunya the event is on, instead of only visiting the country.

Travelers will feel welcome in Catalunya and will return home with far more than photos, postcards and wrinkled maps, but great experiences to explain.

We believe that living the event the same way a local does and surrounded by locals, make the event a unique, real and unforgettable experience for the traveler.

Castellers (human tower builders), Correfocs (fire-runs), Varema (traditional grape harvest), Fira medieval (Medieval Festival), Calçotada Popular (spring onion cooking festival), and other special events…

We encourage you to live Catalunya and not only see it.

What is different about us?

Real locals: we live in Catalunya, we speak the language and we feel the culture.

Real experiences: We know when and where festivals and local events take place. We know when and where Catalans go and enjoy. We join locals in their festivities to live real local experiences.

Unique experiences: Our experiences are always new and depend on the festivities of the area, they are not regular every-day tours. There is usually only one opportunity per year to go to the event!

Culture contribution: We have established long lasting partnerships with associations that promote local traditions and culture. Thus, every time you make a booking on LIVING IT, part of the money of the tour goes to support our local associations.

Local language: Experiences are regularly held in English and Spanish. Moreover, Catalan (local language) is always present due to the participation of locals during the experiences.

Shall you prefer any other language, please tell us when you sign up and will also guide the experience in your language.

Cultural exchange: In our tours you will interact with the friendly Catalan people, who will show their humor, explain the history and share their secrets; and of course our collaborators, who have organized the whole experience with enthusiasm. LIVING IT genuinely cares about cultural exchange, which we believe makes the tour a rich and unique experience.

What is our proposal:

Experiencing Catalunya the local way, living the culture and understanding the habits of the Catalan people. We believe that living the same way Catalans do will make your visit unforgettable.

Our contribution to culture associations will help keep alive Catalan rich traditions.

Would you like to step off the tourist path and experience local culture?

See the road less traveled and live experiences and unique moments with locals. Live the secrets of Catalunya with small group day tours from Barcelona.

Are you a big group?

Take a look at our ideas

We make you and your big group feel like at home!
Live up events with the beat of our drummers and their good mood.
Make a spectacular and exclusive welcome with the high human pyramids of the traditional Falcon shows that will astonish the audience.
Make your brand public between fires and crackers, thank to our devils and their hypnotic effect.
Attract audience with a nice and relaxed Catalan Rumba while introducing your new product to new customers.
Improve your team spirit and make your team become human tower builders for a day.
Take a look:

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How did all this begin?

LIVING IT project started after the Round the World trip Bàrbara did in 2011, in which she realized that the essence of any trip is not the places you visit but the experiences you live during the trip.

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