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Ready to step off the beaten track and live real experiences?


Do you want to see a Human Tower performance from within as locals do? Human Towers were declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO back in 2000. We’re happy to share this Catalan tradition with you and you will feel part of it.

Have you heard about the famous Cava and the finest Wines in Catalonia? Cava is the local “Champagne”, produced in the most extensive Wine region in Catalonia.

With us you’ll discover the secrets of the elaboration of Cava and Wine from crafted producers. Get to know surprising details while you learn and savour Mediterranean Gastronomy, too.

Do you want to enjoy the Nature on the back of a horse? Are your kids willing to ride on a Pony? Join us to access beatiful spots near Barcelona and breath some fresh air in a wonderful adventure. Live our morning experience between horses and Nature.

Visiting Barcelona in summer? Don’t miss the opportunity to see the devils performing when the Sun goes down. Mingle with the locals in this centenary tradition or watch from the distance to avoid the sparks of fire.

This 2 minute video will give you the chance to see what we can offer you in Catalonia. Enjoy it!


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