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Bàrbara Ruiz

Who is Bàrbara?

living it Barbara

I live in Mataró (a small city in the north coast of Barcelona, in Catalunya, Spain). I’ve been traveling by myself since I was 13 years old. My last experience: A round the world trip in 2011. Traveling is part of my life. After The Round the World trip I am willing to share the real local Catalan life and to live great experiences with travelers visiting Catalunya and Spain. I promise I will treat you as good as the great people I’ve met in my travels.

My travels? Argentina (Que buena sensación transmites! Volveré!), Australia (diving, trekking, beach, sun, woods… and great people, what else can I ask for?), Brazil (Sao Paulo, Paraty, Rio de Janeiro… How different in the same country. Brazil a place of good old friends), Cambodia (culturally impressive, simplicity and honesty), Canada (What amazing contrasts! From busy skyscraper neighborhoods to calm rural villages), England (serious and sincere), France (perfectionist and attentive) Germany (busy and romantic at the same time), India (made me change my spirituality), Italy (south or north, two different countries), Japan (good friends and loyalty, amazing history), Malaysia (happiness and friendship all around), New Zealand (smart and independent great people), Singapore (organized and delightful neighborhoods), South Africa (I felt in love),Thailand (unknown beautiful secrets), United States (enthusiasm and energy), Vietnam (growing and keeping tradition alive), Perú (nature and lovely people). Do you want to know more? check (written in Catalan, Spanish and English)

My interests? I am always busy thinking of my next project and how to improve things that surround us…. I love traveling. There is a lot to experience in this great world. I like hiking and swimming in the sea after the sunrise. I enjoy teaching from maths to languages, from kids to elderly people. I love culture, real life culture and understanding the reason and history of it. Currently, learning Chinese!

Joan Sahún

Who is Joan Sahún?

LIVINGIT rider laugh

I love the city where I live, Barcelona, because there are always plenty of activities going on. My city is close to Costa Brava as well as to the Pyrenees, my favorite places to spend the weekends to recharge the batteries before going back to work every Monday. My task at LIVING IT involves maintaining and finding new channels for business. Regarding my job, I’m happy to face new challenges everyday, and I enjoy belonging to the LIVING IT team for its wonderful atmosphere.

My friends describe me as a creative person. I like to play the guitar, and to watch cinema in Verdi Cinema.

Marc Bartrers

Who is Marc Bartrers?

Origin: Born in Barcelona, Catalonia.

Today I live in Mataró (a town that is 30 km [19 miles] away  from Barcelona.)

Studies: Bachelor Degree in Translation, Interpreting and Applied Languages.

Hobbies: Hiking, driving, computing.

Specialized in: Translation and teaching English.

Experience in tourism: I started working with Livinig It in June 2016.

Experience in other sectors: Instructor, Cleaning, Security.

My values: Honesty, Empathy, Modesty and Respect.

Travels: There are two important trips in my life: the one I took to Wisconsin back in 2006 for 4 months and the one I took to Toronto, Canada from 2012 to 2013. I traveled on my own, that way I could learn English faster—even though I’m learning every day— and just feel like a local.

Why LIVINGIT? One of the best ways to explain what Catalan culture is and why it is 1000 years-old. Why Catalan is a language itself just like French, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian and not a dialect. Why Catalonia is a multicultural country that keeps its traditions. And why so many people is in love with its land and lifestyle.

Lorena Rosado

Who is Lorena Rosado?

I was born in Madrid to an English mother and Andalusian father. Having grown up with two cultures in a bilingual household, as well as studying in a British school surrounded by many international students, has given me a strong appreciation for the different languages, cultures and traditions we have in our world. I love connecting with people and listening to their stories, learning about their backgrounds and lifestyles.
So far I have had the opportunity to experience and discover many different countries and cultures (Sweden, Argentina, Uruguay, Poland, Italy, France, Arab Emirates…) and have also lived in Costa Rica, England and Denmark, before landing here in Barcelona.
My passion for people and languages has led me to work in different jobs which include teaching at schools, teaching english, interpretation, translation and transcription work. I love sports, nature, dance, yoga, psychology, art and design… I currently enjoy sharing my artistic, creative skills working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.
Please come and join me in some of our fun horse riding tours, hiking in beautiful Montserrat mountains and many other exciting tours!

Elisenda Todoli

Who is Elisenda Todoli??

  • Origin: Born in Barcelona, Catalonia.
  • Living in: I’m back to Barcelona after 10 years in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Studies: Bachelor Degree in History in Barcelona and HND Travel and Tourism.
  • Hobbies: I’m a cats lover, quirky shops seeker, FC Barcelona supporter, and you can easy find me enjoying the Sea diving, swimming or kayaking.
  • Specialized in: Gastronomy, Theatre Acting and Medieval History.
  • Experience in tourism: Last 8 years I worked and studied as tour guide in Scotland. There I’ve discovered my passion for my profession and now I can´t wait to show you my city and our culture and make you feel like a local.
  • Experience in other sectors: Education and Cultural sectors. Working as front of house in different museums and theatres in the city. Long experience of directing and acting in theatre companies.
  • Travels: I have mainly traveled around north and south of the Mediterranean Sea, falling in love with the different cultures, languages and gastronomy of both sides.  After decade living in Scotland I have discovered most of the Great Britain hidden gems.  However I enjoy so much visiting the Catalan

Astrid Poch

Who is Astrid Poch??

Origin: Born in Catalunya (Spain

Today I live in Mataró (a small city in the north coast of Barcelona, in Catalunya, Spain).

Studies: Tourism Degree in CETT

Hobbies: Travelling, my family, craft & creation

Specialized in: Luxury Event Coordinator and Organizer, and costumer support

Experience in tourism: Started working on 1997.

Experience in other sectors: Children Care, Designing, Creating and Making costumes

My values: Friendship, respect and honesty

Travels: My big passion is Travel around the world. I’ve been in Easter Island, Polynesia, USA, Scotland, Croatia, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden … and I am still travelling. Also I lived in Germany 2 years I enjoyed there and learned about the traditions and culture from there, this is also what I am looking for when I travel.

Why LIVINGIT? As Catalan I love my traditions and culture, and Living it has given me the opportunity to share the real local Catalan life and to live great experiences with travellers visiting Catalunya and Spain.

Diana Gómez

Who is Diana Gómez??

Origin: Born in Catalunya (Spain)

Today I live in Barcelona

Studies: Graduated in Drama studies in an acting school, and two years of History degree

Hobbies: dancing, travelling, football

Specialized in: engaging the audience

Experience in tourism: this is my first experience, and I couldn’t be more excited

Experience in other sectors: I work as an actress

My values: Optimism, do not leave anyone behind, improve myself

Travels: Travelling for me is the best way to feel alive and present. I think that is the reason why I started to do it really young and on my own. Getting to know other culture, people and landscapes. I’ve been twice in Argentina, making beautiful friends in there. I went to New York with a friend, being minors both of us (that was a great adventure!). England was the first place where I travelled on my own, and I loved so much the culture and their energy, that I’ve kept going there every time I could. Even I lived in there! But one of my favorites trips ever was Vietnam. I felt I could be a backpacker all my live!

Why LIVINGIT? When I travel, I try to discover how the locals live, and the little stories that place has. My will is to share my feelings for my country and my culture with you all, showing, as a local, the best experiences you can live in here.

Albert Torres

Who is Albert Torres??

Origin: Born in Barcelona, Spain

Today I live in Barcelona

Studies: Bachelor of Science , Medical Emergency Technician

Hobbies: Sport (running, cycling, hiking), foreign languages (English and French) & history

Specialized in: Communication and customer support

Experience in tourism: I started working in the tourism company in may 2016 at the hospitality desk .

Experience in other sectors: Driver and ambulance technician

My values: Respect, honesty and passion for what I like.

Travels: I was living 2 years in Scotland where I could improve my language skills and live a new and different experience for me apart from discovering a fantastic culture and an amazing country.

Why LIVINGIT? The best way to know the Catalan culture (gastronomy, geography, history and language) with their amazing and different tours.

Ivan Muñoz

Who is Ivan Muñoz?

I live in Collbató (right next to the beautiful mountain Montserrat). I am an official  mountain guide, specialized in mountain biking.

I love getting lost in the woods and uncovering new trails, landscapes and routes.

I like sharing my finds with friends and travelers coming to Catalonia. I travelled to Canada (Whistler) to discover this amazing country by bike. My first route was when I was 16years old! I went all over the Pyrenees by myself with a tend and my bike. That is an unforgettable experience! I have two kids and they love biking too.