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Fire Running with a great family from The USA


Photo by Alexander Pujol

My family had an amazing adventure with Barbara and Alex at the Fire Running, Premia de Mar.  This was not a standard tour.  It was more authentic where we felt like we were part of the village family.

We began our experience with an educational excursion to Barbara’s home town where we learned the history of Fire Running and viewed traditional costumes at a local museum.  We then traveled to Premia de Mar where we participated in the festival activities and sampled local cuisine.  After dinner, we met the devils, put on capes, and prepared for the Fire Running.    

My teenage sons were excited for the parade to begin. The streets were lined with local residents, ready to dance and celebrate.  
Music played, fire works were lit and the entire town danced in a procession. We all joined in and experienced the celebration.
We went to the event thinking we were going to experience something new, which was very true.
LIVINGIT 04In addition, we had a wonderful time and met new friends.
Thank you Living It for the memorable experience !!
Written by Lisa Karabinus





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