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Medieval Market Fair of Vic. December 6th-8th

Archer in medieval costume

Archer in medieval costume

Vic, in the heart of Catalonia, is a city of traditions

The Medieval Market Fair will be launched next Saturday 6th of December. It will be underway from Saturday 6th until Monday 8th of December.

That is a perfect weekend to visit Vic and enjoy the atmosphere of a medieval village. Crowds from all over the country will gather in this decorated XIV century scene. You will find local food, crafts, taverns and herbs. Also, expect to enjoy Medieval exhibitions and traditional shows on the streets and all day long.

Besides delicious typical sausages, you’ll find sweets like “rosquilles“, which are similar to doughnuts but they are totally hand-crafted. You’ll be able to try them just after being cooked in the frying pan.

Traditional food will be available at the fair

Traditional food will be available at the fair

This season is already the 19th edition of the market fair. The Venue of this festival is Vic’s old town.

Living it offers the perfect guided tour  (book here) to discover the marvelous Medieval background of this Catalan Village.

Visit Our local events & festivals webpage to book special activities available special dates.


You'll meet medieval characters in the Market Fair

You’ll meet medieval characters in the Market Fair







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