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Interested in ... Shopping in Barcelona! Discovering Barcelona with your children! Delicious restaurants in Barcelona! Highlights of Barcelona!

  • Tapas evening walking tour in Barcelona

    A combination of Barcelona's vibe, Catalan food, local traditions, and unique restaurants. Are you hungry?
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  • Tapas Tour and Human Towers Experience in Barcelona.

    Combine wine, food, tradition and culture in Barcelona. A combination of Barcelona's vibe, Catalan food, local traditions, and unique restaurants.. Do not miss the opportunity to take part in this breathtaking activity between human tower builders. It is declared UNESCO Intangible World Heritage of Humanity.
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  • Barcelona & Gaudí Walking Tour with optional local Art Workshop

    “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” (Benjamin Franklin). Design your piece of artwork. A nice memory to take home.
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  • Private Barcelona tour. Uncover the best of it!

    The tranquillity of the blue Mediterranean Sea, the luxury of our chic boutiques, the present eco-consciousness, the Modernism buildings in our skyline, the old Roman remains in every corner, the multicultural art presence all around, the delicious local food, the marvellous friendly locals…. This is Barcelona! Come and uncover their beauty in a half day walking tour with us!
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  • Dragons tour in Barcelona. Private family tour!

    Sharpen your children’s deductive skills on this 2.5-hour tour of Barcelona. They will hear medieval legends, and learn new ways to see the old and mysterious buildings of the city centre, through the courtyards and narrow streets, from the dragons on the roof to the cobblestone streets.
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  • Montserrat Monastery and Natural Park Tour from Barcelona

    A few kilometers away from the busy Barcelona stands one of the most impressive mountains of Catalonia. Montserrat transmits peace and tranquility mixed with large doses of adventure and mystery. Walk between the spectacular flora, impressive mountain formations while having amazing views and learn everything about popular legends and great miracles of Montserrat.
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  • Horseback riding tour in Natural Park from Barcelona

    Although it seems impossible to practice horse riding in the crowded cities around Barcelona, a few minutes away from the city you will find a place where it is a real pleasure to mount a horse. Wear your boots and put your pants on!
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  • Private horse riding tour in Natural Park from Barcelona

    Enjoy a private horse riding tour in a Nature Park near Barcelona. You and your group will decide weather you rather enjoy a calm and relaxed riding tour along the trails of the Catalonian landscape or trot and gallop in an exciting experience.
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  • Tailor Made Tours and Experiences

    Living it organizes real local experiences during the days you are in Catalunya. We will show you what is on the local life during your stay. There are special and traditional events every week. Do not miss them and join us to experience local culture first hand (gastronomy, nature, traditions and culture).
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