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Traditional correfoc (Fire running) tour from Barcelona

Specific days of the year
Between 5h and 7h tour
Prices regular tour: min 2pax 95€/per person
We have private tour also available, ask on
Price private tour: // (1 to 4pax): 380€/private group // (5 to 8 pax): 760€/private group

In Catalunya, the arrival of summer coincides with the celebration of traditional popular open-air festivals. So, leave the city behind you and see a different side of Catalonia on an evening trip from Barcelona to a traditional ‘correfoc’ (fire-running) festival in a local village!
Watch villagers dressed as devils and dancing to the sound of the drums and of traditional music and turning the village into a fiery cauldron of light and fireworks. The ‘Fire-running’ is a show of fire that waits until the sun is down to perform in an amazing fire parade. It all represents the fight of the Good against the Evil. The experienced native guide shows the outfits and special clothes “devils” wear during their performance, how they light their sparklers and firecrackers, and explains secrets and details behind this centenary and unique tradition; which is strongly connected to the history of the town. You can take it all in from the side lines or get involved the same way a local does and surrounded by locals.
It is a unique, real and unforgettable experience! Dance with the devils between the crowds or just watch the spectacle of fire.

Tour description:

  • Tour departs from Barcelona at 6pm in a small luxury mini-coach or a 4 wheel car, with full air conditioning and heads straight up to the town where the celebration is on (the group is transported to a different town depending on the date and festival)
  • Visit the village, which is busy with traditional actuations and typical decorations extra for the special festivity the citizens are celebrating
  • When the Sun is down, the group joins the locals in their special celebration. Decide whether to watch the unique and singular spectacle of fire or dance with devils between the crowds, which is a very traditional activity among Catalans
  • An experienced guide accompanies de group and shows the special clothes “devils” wear during their actuation, how they light their sparklers and the secrets behind this centenary and unique tradition
  • We return to Barcelona when the spectacle is finished, arriving after midnight


  • Travel to a village in the heart of Catalonia where you’ll watch the traditional fire-running show
  • Spend time at leisure in the village and soak up the festival atmosphere
  • See dancers dressed as devils, performing to live folk music amid a spectacular firework and fire crackers display
  • Watch the correfoc show with your guide, or get involved and dance with the locals
  • Small-group tour with a maximum of 14 people ensures a more personalized experience
  • A professional native guide provides the guided tour in Catalan, Spanish or English


  • Transport by air-conditioned minivan or a 4wheel car
  • Small-group tour
  • Souvenir picture with the fire running and devils
  • Hotel drop-off in Barcelona
  • Fire protection clothes
  • Explanation of the fire running tradition by a local expert
  • Local taxes included


  • Gratuities
  • Meals are excluded, however we always recommend good places to eat or typical food to taste
  • Hotel Pick Up (We can provide this service for just 29€/group)

Days of operation:

This tour is available on specific days, departure time is at 18:00h (6pm) from April to November.

Specific information:

  • This tour is available in English, Catalan and Spanish
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior the tour
  • There will be time off the bus at your leisure, so please bring suitable clothing and footwear
  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • Not recommended for children aged 14 and under
  • Long trousers and closed shoes must be worn, as these will not be provided
  • No refunds are available once a tour or service has commenced. If you cancel at least 3 calendar days in advance of the scheduled departure or commencement time, there is no cancellation fee. If you cancel within 2 calendar days of the scheduled departure or commencement time, you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee
  • The location of the festivity and “Correfocs” is always close to Barcelona (less than a two-hour drive)

Meeting point:

The meeting point is at Plaça Ossa Menor (in the Glories Shopping center), which is easily accessed from the entrance located in Diagonal Avenue. We meet next to McDonalds.

Choose the day that best fits your plans and join us in this spectacle of feeling and tradition. Each festivity has its own particular name that describes part of the history of the town. Remember this is a very important event for Catalans, so get ready to be part of the community!



Tailor made?

Would you like a private tour? Would you like to discover deeply rote traditions? Write us and we’ll let you know what festivals and traditional celebrations are on during the days you are in Catalonia. Be ready to discover real Catalonia!


This tour has great success among our travellers. It has been awarded Top Rated Tour 2015 by Viator, our collaborator.

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  1. Tami

    The children are feeling better now that we are home, thank you. I think they were exhausted from change in time and all the running around. The fire running experience was something I have never seen before. It was so interesting. Ana was a very good guide. She was very knowledgable and sweet and easy to be with. I wouldn’t have changed anything but thanks or checking.

  2. Hallgrimur Ingvarsson

    Real local crazy experience. Great guide 🙂

  3. Aaron

    Barbara was wonderful as our guide in this very unique experience. It was like a 4th of July firework show up close. It was a great experience to immerse in a true Catalonia tradition.

  4. judith S

    very fun trip to unusual local festival. Guide gave good orientation and made trip very memorable and fun.

  5. Peter N

    We had a blast!

    Peter and Curtis

  6. kyleaj27

    This was excellent! By far the best tour we booked in Barcelona. Think Mardi Gras in New Orleans with fireworks up close and personal! Our guide, Barbara, was terrific. She’s a local with knowledge and charm. After giving us fire-retardant capes to wear and (optional) eye protection, she showed us how to safely jump into the fire and play along with the local crews dressed as devils and witches. This tour was worth every penny!! A caution for those traveling with families: it’s LOUD at the start! Saw many very young local children participating, but until you get used to the noise, it could be “scary”.

  7. Felicia G

    This is one of the most exhilarating and unique experience I had in Barcelona (and easily in Spain). Took a 1-hr ride out of Barcelona to a nearby village to participate in a traditional Catalan fire running (correfoc) festival. Our guide, Barbara, was wonderful and took great care of us. For a start, we got to meet the devils (the fire runners) in person and learned about the festival before the festival commenced.

    Once the festival starts, expect a crazy amount of fire, firecrackers and fireworks spewing everywhere! It’s lively, bright, intense and hot with lots of running and dancing with fire and firecrackers. This goes on for 1-1.5 hours so take your time and enjoy the moment! My partner and I loved it even though at some point, I was sure someone’s going to catch fire but NOPE, not a single casualty. At the end, we even took photos with the devils!

    Definitely recommend it for anyone who’s up for something traditional, unique and exciting. Do wear long pants/jeans and covered comfy shoes, for your own safety. Go with little or light items so you can move around easily!

  8. MrNC3

    Our tour guide Barbara Ruiz Soliva was very knowledgable. Our family participated in the fire running tour in Tarragona. Barbara had a personal relationship with one of the groups and she made introduction before the event and had us fully emerged with the group to have a full experience of the event. She properly prepared us with protective wear and talked us through what will happen. My husband who is more reserved found himself participating in this fun. We did this on the last night of our vacation and it was the perfect way to culminate a wonderful time in Spain.

  9. Mark P

    the tour was excellent and the guide was very friendly and knowledgeable, once we got over the initial hiccups.

  10. Shelley Q

    I went to Barcelona for a few weeks, and this was the most amazing part of the trip! Alex picked us up, and took us to a small village outside Barcelona where they were having their traditional fire run. We got to listen to the music and follow in the streets of the fire run. It was an incredible experience you won’t be able to find anywhere else. You get to see first hand the culture and traditions of the amazing villages of Catalonia. It was a nice break from the typical touristy things in the city.

    The LIVING IT staff is extremely friendly, and our guide Alex was friendly, fun and informative. I definitely recommend this to anyone considering it.

  11. Benji J

    Its what happens when Barcelona plays Real Madrid! The country pauses to watch and we tourists reap the benefits It was initially just the Living It fire running tour but we got the towers as a match day bonus. Our guides Barbara and Alex were really great – knowledgable, enthusiastic & generous and their English rolled off their tongues easily. I had a ball, not just as an outsider looking in but an outsider actually getting their hands on experience, literally. Well done to Living It!

  12. Richard J

    We really enjoyed this tour and would rank it as one of the best we have ever taken. We participated in the Fire Running festival of a small town. We were welcomed by the local people as honored guests. The festival was fun, the local people were great and we all had a wonderful time. the Tour Guide was interesting and informative and made sure we were right in the middle of everything. All in all a wonderful experience in getting to know and interact with the local people.

  13. llwe0747

    This was the best tour I have ever been on. It was great from start to finish. The tour guides included us in the whole show. We met the fire running team members and had the time of our lives. Can’t recommend this tour highly enough.

  14. llwe0747

    Tour guides Barbara and Alex gave us the tour of ‘a life time’ to Girona. We have been to many countries and on many tours. This one was outstanding right from the start. The guides provided an experience out of the ordinary and we were impressed by their keenness and professionalism to make sure all were involved in the festival. We did not expect to see or participate in the human tower, (had only booked for the fire running) but, it was fortuitous that we were there. The guides didn’t need to arrange for us to be involved,with the human towers, we wouldn’t have been any the wiser. They could have, as many other tour guides and companies would have done, let us watch from the sidelines. This was the defining difference, that we were taken behind the scenes to meet the people involved with the fire running and human towers, and, the guides expertly ensured that we could participate. The fire running especially was a ‘magical’ event and the highlight of our trip to Catalonia. We had plenty of time for an excellent meal from one of the many cafes in Girona. We recommend that you don’t wear your best gear as even though you wear a fireproof cape, small sparks may leave their mark. ‘Living it’ provided us with a 5 star plus experience. We would never see any thing like these festivals at home in Australia.

  15. Doris B

    On October 17, we had a terrific Fire-Running experience with Bàrbara and Alex. We had an absolutely unique and wonderful evening!

    My friends, Don & Valarie Stewart, purchased a beach towel with the new Catalonia flag as a memory.

  16. Bridget W

    Barbara and Alex were incredible. We went to Girona and were lucky to see human towers as well as the fire running. They were able to get us to be part of the human towers. We met the devils before the fire running and they were very happy to share what was going to happen and tell us where to be for the best experience. You will be in the fire running, so be prepared to have sparklers falling all over you. I recommend long sleeves and pants, though you will get hot. This tour takes place all over Catalonia so before you book you may want to consider how far you will be from Barcelona. The time says about 6 hours, our tour was 8 because of where we went and also because it was delayed for a soccer game. All in all one of the best experiences I have had.

  17. Rachel M

    Absolutely amazing – will definitely do it again and our guide, Barbara was fab!

  18. Cathy M

    Barbara, Thank you for the pictures!! That evening with was the BEST part of our trip!

    It was such a good time spending time with you! You are VERY good at what you do. A good time was had by all!
    We’re still talking about it!

    Good luck to you!
    Cathy M

  19. Belindab

    It was an excellent tour to get away from the tourist part and see Barcelona in its true form

  20. Junsanglee

    I would love to share an great experience fire running festival with Livingit. I was picked up from Barcelona to where fire running has done with Alex. It happened one hour and half far from Barcelona in small town. Everything was well-organized and Alex-tour guide-was really kind and professional. The stunning views of fire running, the wonderful performances. all were planned and executed. Thanks a lot

    Livingit에서 진행한 Fire running 한국어로는 쥐불놀이가 되려나요. 이 놀이는 바르셀로나에서 1시간 30분정도 떨어진 작은 마을에서 이뤄졌고요. 마을마다 1년에 한 번 뿐인 중요한 축제라고 하더라고요. 함께한 가이드 알렉스가 바르셀로나 모임 지점부터 마을까지 차로 데려다 줘서 불편할 게 없었습니다. 가서 마을에서 오랫동안 축제를 진행해오신 분으로부터 설명을 듣고 Fire runinng을 참여하고 지켜봤어요. 알렉스는 한국어, 한국사람에 대해 관심이 좀 많아서 한국어도 할 줄 알고요. 바르셀로나의 거대한 성당들 보다 ‘카탈란’ 문화 및 작은 마을 문화를 알게 되서 좋았습니다.

  21. Paul D

    Felt privileged to be apart of

  22. Lisa K

    Wonderful experience, and great guides!!

  23. Karen S

    Thank you for such a great evening. This experience was the highlight of my trip in Barcelona. The guide punctually arrived at the meeting point in Barcelona and explained us what we were going to see during the following hours. Alex was using adjectives like marvelous, fantastic, amazing… So, I thought he was exaggerating.
    After a 45 minute drive, we arrived in the village where the local festival was on. We stroll around the narrow streets and beautifully decorated plaza, where villagers were chatting and enjoying the local festival. The atmosphere was just charming. Alex shared with us the history of the village, the tradition and the funny legends behind it.
    At 9pm the fire running began. Devils, drums, sparkles and laughs were all around. The narrow streets became full of colors. I could not stop taking pictures. The group finally decided to join the villagers, so we all dressed the protection clothes Alex was carrying for us and joined the group of devils. We were really living the festival.
    This experience was just terrific. So, Alex was not at all exaggerating. I completely recommend this tour to anyone going to Barcelona.

  24. Thea S

    It was an amazing day!Thanks LIVING IT!

  25. Around the world 2013

    I was able to see this tradition first hand that I would not have been able to see if I did not do the tour.
There were no other travellers in the village, our group was completely living the festival with the rest of locals! We saw a different site of Catalunya, super authentic! Tour guide was excellent and gave us lots of interesting information about the fire running. Well woth the money. I completely recommend it!

  26. Frank V

    Eher ein bischen skeptisch starteten wir diese Tour. Unsere Tourleiterin Barbara war super nett, hat uns alles erklärt. Nach einer kleiner Parade mit riesigen Figuren durch die ganze Stadt, konnten wir die menschlichen Türme bewundern und sobald es dunkel war begann das Spektakel des Correfoc. Die Bilder können gar nicht wiedergeben, wie wundervoll und atemnberaubend schön das Feuer in den Gassen der Stadt aussehen. Durch die Buchung der Tour hatte man die Gelegenheit zweimal auf einen Balkon zu gehen und das ganze von oben zu bewundern,wobei der gößte Spaß der war mit den anderen Menschen unter dem Feuer zu tanzen und zu singen. Nach der Tour wurden wir bis zu unserm Appartment gebracht, so das es ein gelungender Abend war. Wer Correfoc noch nicht kennt, sollte dies unbedingt nachholen und dann am besten mit dieser Tour.

  27. John T

    We’re back in Toronto and missing Catalonia already. Thank you for a lovely experience. Barbara and Carla definitely made our trip the greatest! 🙂

  28. Helen H.

    Thanks so much for the great photo! I’ll definitely write some raving reviews of the wonderful and wild night we had and can’t wait to do it again next year!!
    Excellent!!!!!!! Gracias! And Shiloh was the best guide ever too! I
    will recommend Living It to all my friends, thanks again!

  29. Brittany C.

    Thank you for offering this opportunity to those of us who
    wish to really enjoy the culture. I think this is a great opportunity.
    You are more than welcome to use my pictures on the website and
    facebook as I would love to help promote your company. I was able to
    view all the pictures. Please tell Carla that she was a wonderful guide
    and that I am thankful for all that she did! Thank you again!

  30. Emma K.

    The photos are great! We really enjoyed the trip.

  31. Beena P & Nilesh D

    Thanks for sending the pictures from the fire running event. It was good fun and glad the event happened despite the rain!

  32. KS1908

    Living It is one of the best tour operators that I have ever experienced. We started out with a visit to Mataro’s fire running festival in honor of the town’s patron saints. While on the tour, I asked our tour guide, Carla, if she knew of any tours leaving from Barcelona to view the fireworks competition in Blanes. By the end of the evening, Living It had put together a tour for us, complete with a boat to Blanes (the sea is the best place to view the fireworks), all for a very reasonable price. Even if they aren’t offering the tour you want, call them and they can put together a unique experience for you. We had the time of our lives during both tours. I highly recommend them!

  33. Dr. A. A. and family.

    My family and I had a wonderful time in Berga.The Patum festival was the highlight of our trip to Barcelona.We would like to thank you for giving the best seat in the square to witness one of the best cultural event in Catalunya.We also like to thank Joan for being our guide and driver for the festival.He took good care of us and we are very grateful for his services.
    Once again, on behalf of my family I would like to thank you for arranging a wonderfuf trip to Berga and a memorable experience. Please let us know if you decided to come to Malaysia again.

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