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Local lunch in a Traditional Masia

Would you like to enjoy a local lunch in a Traditional Masia?

After your interesting morning, sit down and relax with your family to enjoy a traditional lunch. A delicious 3 course meal of products grown in the surrounding region. Savor the exquisite taste of local Catalan cuisine, while sharing tales of your unforgettable walk and its legends.

It is 49€/guest. 

Please follow the instructions to confirm your upgrade service: 

  • Select the day of your tour at the calendar.
  • Book for the number of guests in your party.
  • Fill out with your personal details in “Traveler details”
  • Do not click “pick up” option (because pick up is included in your tours) and do click  “I agree to the Terms and Conditions”.
  • Click PAYMENT button to be redirected to a secure trading payment page.
  • After 24h you will receive and email with the confirmation.

Thank you


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