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Barcelona from home – Barcelona des de casa – Online experience

Explore the Old Quarter of Barcelona from anywhere in your own home during this historical walk around our beloved Barcelona. Meet your friendly guide and enjoy a fun and educational 1,5hour virtual tour specially designed to give you and your friends or family an entertaining background to the history of the city. On this fun-filled walk, your family will travel through time along the streets of the city center and learn about medieval legends that will capture your imagination. There is a lot to be found with every step you take through the old quarter. That is no surprise, when you think of the many age-old buildings, the small, narrow streets, the hidden inner courtyards and the amazing dragons watching us from the gargoyles of the old buildings. All you have to do is keep your eyes open and look closely. What is best is when someone helps you and shows you things you might easily overlook. That way you can find a lot in the middle of town that is lovely, exciting and mysterious. 

A live, online experience allows you to stop and ask your guide questions, and get a real-time feel of Barcelona, too.

Explore Barcelona famous city without ever leaving home and avoid the crowds.

Your private guide teaches you about Barcelona’s history during this virtual tour.

A private experience just for you and your friends.


  • Private local host
  • Fun informative interactive virtual experience
  • Stories of Barcelona

Price: 29€/group. *only one person needs to enroll up for payment.

Invite your friends to join the tour with you!

We will send you the link to the virtual tour 10minutes before the online tour starts


  1. Jen Y

    I wasn’t sure about this kind of things. But, since it was a friend’s present I did it. I am happy I did it! Thank you. Very interactive and fun.

  2. Barbara

    Love it! Thank you so much! I am 80yo and I was willing to go back to Barcelona one day. I could do it thank to you!!! I can’t wait to do the Girona one.

  3. John L

    Have been on multiple virtual tours but this is by far the best one. Highly recommend!! These company is fantastic and can’t wait to take a tour with them in person.

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