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Caga Tió!

Let us tell you a story….


We know several relevant Christmas symbols like Christmas trees, Hanging Socks and also Christmas characters like the Three Wise Men or Santa Claus.


But… Have you ever heard about Caga Tió? 

Tió de Nadal (or informally Caga Tió) is a very a deep rooted tradition celebrated in Catalonian Homes for Christmas.

Caga Tió is a much-loved big piece of cut wood with a smiling face. Some have eyebrows, glasses, nose and legs! And they always wear the traditional Catalan red “barretina”.

The whole family gather before the beginning of the Christmas season in order to create Caga Tió or to find a new Caga Tió in the woods.

From that moment (usually December 8th), kids cover Caga Tió with a blanket for warmth and feed him every night with fruit and turró (Catalonian nougat type) until Christmas day.

LIVINGIT_Caga TióLIVINGIT_caga tio_Christmas Barcelona.001

Why do kids feed Caga Tió Every night?

It’s thought that the more the Caga Tió is fed, the more presents or Christmas goodies he’ll poo on Christmas Eve. 🙂

Tió de Nadal needs some help to poo his presents on Christmas. So, Catalan children traditionally sing a song, while nicely beating Caga Tió with sticks.

‘Caga tió,

caga torró,

avellanes i mató,

si no cagues bé et daré un cop de bastó.’


This translates literally as:

‘take a Shit, log,

shit turron,

hazelnuts and cottage cheese,

if you don’t shit well, I’ll hit you with a stick’.

After singing and beating Caga Tió, he excretes presents and sweets for everyone!! 🙂


Do you have a Tió de Nadal at home?

LIVING IT team also has our beloved Caga Tió at the office! 🙂








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  1. Diana Sofia

    I thought the word Caga may have been similar to the italian word “Caca” and I was right! Thanks for sharing, this made me laugh so much 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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